Fruity Microwave Breakfast Couscous

Weekday breakfasts demand three things of me from the Kid Cooks: simple and quick variety independence In an effort to continue to meet their "demands", I am always on the look out for ideas which is what inspired this simple fruity couscous recipe. The kids are appreciating the addition to the routine of oatmeal, cereal,... Continue Reading →

Breakfast Egg Pie

This is a lighter egg recipe that makes a great weekend breakfast. Unlike quiche that typically has a crust and more add-ins, the texture of this dish is fluffier and makes for an enjoyable meal, even a lighter feeling dinner. If you don't eat all of the servings at one time, leftovers can be easily rewarmed in... Continue Reading →

Microwave Mug Banana Bread

A friend sent us the link to a Paleo blog with a form of this recipe. She liked the recipe and thought it would be good for the Kids Cooks. I did adjust it to use ingredients I feel are more likely going to be in their pantry when they live and cook independently. They... Continue Reading →

Egg in Microwave

The Kid Cooks use this recipe at least once a week to make an egg sandwich for breakfast. It's an easy and quick way to make an egg.  Most importantly they don't have to be on top of their game first thing in the morning to fire up the stove and heat up a pan.... Continue Reading →

Breakfast Enchiladas

Variety at breakfast time is hard to come by. And the Kid Cooks get bored with repeating the same ol' things week after week. So I adapted this family favorite so the c ooks could do it. They have ...  prepped and baked this recipe ahead, then reheated portions in the morning at breakfast time... Continue Reading →

Baked Eggs

As I have mentioned in other posts (see pancakes), certain intuitive skills are hard to transfer to people who are more concrete. Though the Kid Cooks use a frying pan for other dishes, I was concerned with some of the nuances of cooking an egg and the multi-tasking involved (for example, making toast or grits to... Continue Reading →

Cheesy Grits in Microwave

With our southern family roots, grits are a part of our breakfast routine. Like cream of wheat and oatmeal, they are a good hearty breakfast option that warms us up in cooler months yet are more savory than many other breakfast items (like pancakes or even oatmeal). The Kid Cooks often add an egg to... Continue Reading →

Puffed Oven Pancake

I have already written about my personal struggles teaching pancake cooking, including quandaries about how to relay when a pancake should be done and lack of ability to give them the patience to tend to the stove for the batch.  So, I thought another alternative to baked pancakes, which has been  a huge success, was... Continue Reading →

Microwave Oatmeal

Busy school mornings (or work mornings) for us means breakfast needs to be easy and quick. Using the microwave is the way to go; using frozen meals is not, as much as we can avoid it.  So in our house we learned early how to make oatmeal in the microwave. This is a once a... Continue Reading →

Breakfast Muffins

My oldest Kid Cook would make these everyday with chocolate chips if he was allowed. Of course, all of the kids like something "bready" and sweet for breakfast; we continue to work on balance and nutritional awareness ... but then so do all families! This recipe provides an opportunity to make something yummy to fulfill... Continue Reading →

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