Frosted Chocolate Cake

We have worked on this cake for a while. Actually, the cake has been fine; it is a recipe we have eaten for years. The frosting was the struggle - to find a way to make simple frosting with everyday materials and the correct directions for an inclusive recipe. Now the Kid Cooks and I... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Mug Cake

I know that mug cakes and other mug dishes are all the rage. This was one of the first things the Kid Cooks learned to cook before they started using the oven and stove. Today it still serves as a good "go to" to meet that "quick dessert without a lot of leftovers" feeling. Do... Continue Reading →


(Dialogue from summer 2017) Me: "Ok, kids. This summer we are working on more recipes for you to learn to cook. I want you to help me decide. These need to be things you want to know how to cook. What would you like to know?" Middle Child: "Pizza. I want to make my own... Continue Reading →

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