Roasted Chicken Drumsticks

Recently I have been thinking about things I do in the kitchen that don't require recipes; they are more like a simple adaptable method. Roasting foods like broccoli, potatoes, and chicken are some of those. However, I recognize that some people need more guidance when it comes to these if they are going to provide... Continue Reading →

Ham and Pea Pasta Salad

COVID-19 quarantine has meant that we have been cooking and eating LOTS of meals at home. And so, when asked "Hey, what are you having for lunch this week?" the Kids Cooks have been challenged to come up with ideas to bring in some variety into an otherwise routine and boring existence. From staying at... Continue Reading →

Baked Chicken Fingers

This recipe was born after my sons looked through my cookbooks and said "we want to make fried chicken". So, I kept the comment "that's why you buy fried chicken in a restaurant" to myself, and helped them learn to make their own baked version that was faster, cleaner... and safer! They have done the... Continue Reading →

Tex-Mex Shepherd’s Pie

After creating one recipe using a rotisserie chicken (see Chicken Tater-Tot Pot Pie), I wanted another that both showcased the other half of the chicken and created more comfort food. In a week, this meant the Kids Cooks could have TWO dinners with the one chicken they bought from the store. I make shepherd's pie... Continue Reading →

Chicken Tater-Tot Pot Pie

I've said before, the recipes are driven largely by what the Kids Cooks want to make. After discussion, they decided they wanted comfort food -- like pot pie! I also had ulterior motives to help them learn how to create with a rotisserie chicken. Pre-cooked, rotisserie chickens are readily available at the store and a... Continue Reading →

Southwest Chicken and Rice

I am hesitant to call this "Gumbo", "Jambalaya", or even "Dirty Rice" for I have no desire to upset a traditional Southern cook. But this is a similar dish for those with unique abilities that is simpler to make and doesn't require tending to the stove the entire time -- it starts on the stovetop... Continue Reading →

Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes -- how comforting can it get? The Kid Cooks wanted to learn to make this and so we adapted the recipe to make it clear and approachable. I also like it because it is written to recall the skills of recipes they have used often --  taco filling and tomato sauce . As a result... Continue Reading →

Pasta Bake

Many of us like a hearty pasta dish, especially when it is cooler outside. However these dishes can be very overwhelming to make, requiring several components, each with their own steps. If you want to make something that resembles a lasagna with meat, cheese and other layers, this becomes an even greater task.    ...... Continue Reading →

Baked Hamburgers

Homemade hamburgers are awesome comfort food. And when you make them yourself you can dress them the way you want and eat them in your own home. But for people with different abilities, it can be especially difficult to think about managing appropriate heat on a frying pan, address the grease flying, and monitor how... Continue Reading →

Turkey Burger Soup

After receiving a foot of snow, the Kid Cooks and I decided it was time for a simple hearty soup to fight off the winter blues. This is easy to do with pure ingredients that many of us have in our houses. We make a larger pot for the family, but here is a smaller... Continue Reading →

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