Creamed Peas and New Potatoes

With all of this work on main courses, the Kid Cooks and I realized we needed more basic side dishes to go with other meals. Sometimes they need something to go with Roasted Chicken Drumsticks or a non-fries side to homemade hamburgers. Also, a great way to help me out and get them involved is... Continue Reading →

Smashed Potatoes

We have used this recipe for a while but didn't realize we didn't share it with the world. The Kid Cooks use this not only for a side, but also to make potatoes to top dishes like the Tex Mex Shepherd's Pie. So here it is, a simple set of directions to make "smashed" potatoes.... Continue Reading →

Buttermilk Quick Bread

The Kids Cooks have asked for years to make bread. But I have held fast to my philosophy that I just don't see them dabbling in yeast. This is why we developed a pizza recipe with a crust that didn't require yeast. Even with bread, I am still interested in them eating healthy and fresh... Continue Reading →

Seasoned Rice

Looking for a different recipe that makes an easy, flavorful side dish? This gives the rice some basic seasoning and allows the Kid Cooks to place it in the oven to cook while they complete another part of the meal. The rice plays well with many things, mini meatloaf or even tacos, for example. 1.24.21 This recipe... Continue Reading →

Baked Cowboy Beans

We have been eating cowboy beans for years so it only made sense to make a version for the Kid Cooks. The original version has a couple more ingredients in it, including beer, but the key is that these are less sugary than baked beans, creating a slightly sweet baked bean dish with a little... Continue Reading →

Mini Carrots with Herb Butter

One of the struggles for my Kid Cooks is to not only make the main course but to also do a side dish... and not always choose Mac n Cheese. We have had good success with bean salad or even coleslaw, but they need their arsenal loaded with simple traditional vegetable recipes as well --... Continue Reading →

Bean Salad

Sometimes I get so focused on bigger dishes that I forget that the Kid Cooks need to learn about side dishes too. From the basics, like potatoes or roasting a vegetable, to ones that require no cooking, like coleslaw, a green salad, or this bean salad. The Kid Cooks have asked me to teach them... Continue Reading →

Vinaigrette Coleslaw

Our middle Kid Cook originally learned to make coleslaw from the back of a package. One night I ran out to exercise and left the slaw to be made by the family. Curious, he looked at the package and asked if he could make it according those directions. Since then we have developed our own... Continue Reading →

Rice (white or brown)

As the Kid Cooks have focused on learning to make many more complicated dishes, we have realized they need more instruction in simple things too. Though they have been making cornbread for a while, rice seemed like something that was appropriate and needed for our cookbook. This method is easy and mirrors what we do... Continue Reading →

Easy Mac and Cheese

I wrote recently about my son's "experience" making pancakes in his life skills class. So when he came home to tell me he made "mac and cheese", I immediately put on my Sherlock Holmes hat and began investigating... did he "learn to" use a box with that horrible cheese powder? Did he actually make a... Continue Reading →

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