Baked Cowboy Beans

We have been eating cowboy beans for years so it only made sense to make a version for the Kid Cooks. The original version has a couple more ingredients in it, including beer, but the key is that these are less sugary than baked beans, creating a slightly sweet baked bean dish with a little... Continue Reading →

Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes -- how comforting can it get? The Kid Cooks wanted to learn to make this and so we adapted the recipe to make it clear and approachable. I also like it because it is written to recall the skills of recipes they have used often --  taco filling and tomato sauce . As a result... Continue Reading →

Mini Carrots with Herb Butter

One of the struggles for my Kid Cooks is to not only make the main course but to also do a side dish... and not always choose Mac n Cheese. We have had good success with bean salad or even coleslaw, but they need their arsenal loaded with simple traditional vegetable recipes as well --... Continue Reading →

Snack Dip

The Kid Cooks get tired of snack crackers in the afternoon. They have often already had a yogurt cup at lunch; fruit isn't enough for growing teenagers; and we don't want them learning to eat junk as a filler. This provides a quick dip they can make and eat that extends the fruit and remains... Continue Reading →

Pasta Bake

Many of us like a hearty pasta dish, especially when it is cooler outside. However these dishes can be very overwhelming to make, requiring several components, each with their own steps. If you want to make something that resembles a lasagna with meat, cheese and other layers, this becomes an even greater task.    ...... Continue Reading →

Fruity Microwave Breakfast Couscous

Weekday breakfasts demand three things of me from the Kid Cooks: simple and quick variety independence In an effort to continue to meet their "demands", I am always on the look out for ideas which is what inspired this simple fruity couscous recipe. The kids are appreciating the addition to the routine of oatmeal, cereal,... Continue Reading →

Breakfast Egg Pie

This is a lighter egg recipe that makes a great weekend breakfast. Unlike quiche that typically has a crust and more add-ins, the texture of this dish is fluffier and makes for an enjoyable meal, even a lighter feeling dinner. If you don't eat all of the servings at one time, leftovers can be easily rewarmed in... Continue Reading →

Baked Hamburgers

Homemade hamburgers are awesome comfort food. And when you make them yourself you can dress them the way you want and eat them in your own home. But for people with different abilities, it can be especially difficult to think about managing appropriate heat on a frying pan, address the grease flying, and monitor how... Continue Reading →

Frosted Chocolate Cake

We have worked on this cake for a while. Actually, the cake has been fine; it is a recipe we have eaten for years. The frosting was the struggle - to find a way to make simple frosting with everyday materials and the correct directions for an inclusive recipe. Now the Kid Cooks and I... Continue Reading →

Turkey Burger Soup

After receiving a foot of snow, the Kid Cooks and I decided it was time for a simple hearty soup to fight off the winter blues. This is easy to do with pure ingredients that many of us have in our houses. We make a larger pot for the family, but here is a smaller... Continue Reading →

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